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Emma leads; Hook follows. It’s a dance they’ve perfected. But this relationship is NOT ONE-sided. The moment, the instant, Hook falls out of step with Emma she reacts. She closes the gap between them both physically and emotionally; for she can not stand any distance between them

Emma is well…

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Anonymous said: Why do you love Killian Jones, Just curious ;))


I think I’m in love with Killian Jones. So that tells you a lot about my love for his character. He’ probably my favorite male character ever, I think it’s refreshing to see leading male role whose main purpose and goal is love. Usually we see men looking after money, after power, after revenge for getting played or hurt, but Killian Jones, even though he was looking for revenge, was and is, always ruled by love.

He started as a young innocent and naive man, a boy who got abandoned by his father and who saw the world through his brother’s eyes and wanted to be a hero, Liam was his everything, his brother, his mentor and his idol. They dreamed of glory and adventures and Killian believed in good form, honor and love.

He lost it all when Liam died, and it lost him, Killian Jones is basically the man who lost love too much, too many times, and who got his heartbroken over and over again, and that led to him loosing himself into darkness, into piracy, into bad form, into revenge.

Love is everything for him, he would have died for Milah, he would have gladly given his life if it meant she would live, and he faced Rumplestilskin and fought him and got ready to die for the woman he loved. And when he lost Milah, he lost another part of himself, He lost his code and a part of his humanity, but he’s not the typical kind of romantic villain who needs to be pulled out of the darkness by shaking them hard and having to see redemption in the arms of a woman and in her love.

That is NOT what’s happening, Killian doesn’t have Emma’s love, but what he saw in her, in her ways and her eyes made him feel less lonely, more alive and more human. He felt something on top of that beanstalk, he met a woman who challenged him, who called him out on his bullshit and somehow reached a part of him.

He’s a greyish character who makes human mistakes, but who puts love first, and who after so many heartbreaks, so much pain, still believes in love, still believes in happy endings. He’s supposed to be a villain, but as much as love made him lost himself, love also brought him back. He didn’t need Emma to love him back or to do anything, he just fell for her, and he saw there was more to the world than hatred and pain, he started believing again, and he started having a code back, honor, good form and hope.

He lost everything, his home, his brother, Milah, meaning to his life, his ship, and his whole world, and yet, he still believes in love, he still wants to try better and he fights, he fights so hard to change and be a better person, yet, he’s not seeking compliments, he’s doing this for himself, and to be worth Emma at the same time, to be someone she could love, he’s not faking though, he’s not trying to be someone he’s not, he’s going back or improving to a better version of himself.

He’s a man who shows true regrets over the things he has done, and the way he apologized to Ariel is heartbreaking, he’s lost and sorry for what he did, and even though I get his reasons to keep the last thing he had in this world, his home, he still recognized his mistakes and truly feel sorry.

I love Killian Jones, because after all this harsh life he had, he still loves and he still hopes, and he tries to make Emma, Henry okay, he tries to make them feel better, he tries to help Emma go through heartbreaks and her issues, she’s not the one changing the villain, the oh said villain is helping the lost girl find her home, helping the boy who lost his dad connect with a man he doesn’t know or remember.

He’s selfish in his bad days and bad moments, but when he loves, he’s the most selfless person I have ever seen. He’s inspiring, and he’s a flawless full of flaws human person. 

And he’s also hot as hell, that doesn’t hurt

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